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Web Based Therapy

Use this feature to schedule a one on one, online session with Dr. Colleen via email, phone, or skype.


  • Email- 4 email exchanges (two from Dr. Colleen/ two from you) $100
  • Phone- 50 minute phone session $150
  • Skype- 50 minute skype session $200

How it Works:
After filling out the contact form, I will speak with you for a free 15 minute consultation to make sure I am a good fit, or provide you with a referral. If I deem I am the appropriate person for you, we will set up a time for the first session during this call. During this call, it will be important to determine if you are in need of actual therapy or coaching. Therapy sessions are limited to California residents only. Mental illness, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other serious issues do not fall under the scope of coaching.

After we set up a time for our session- I will send you intake forms to fill out prior to our appointment. These forms contain relevant information about confidentiality, HIPAA, and office policies. You will be required to make payment prior to the start of our session. You can do this by filling out the credit card authorization form in your initial client packet, or by sending payment info below:

"Dr. Colleen was like a personal trainer for my mind. I thought I could do this on my own- but there was no one holding me accountable. Through meeting with her, I was able to have a weekly appointment that forced me to take ownership of where my life had been and more importantly- how it would move forward."

David- Wellesely, MA

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