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Therapist's Therapist

This section of the site is designed specifically for the therapist, coach, psychologist, or psychiatrist wanting to expand their practice’s revenue potential. This section will also help you take your practice to the next level in terms of branding, marketing, and design without breaking the bank. Dr. Colleen will share with your her secrets of success learned through years and years of learning these lessons the hard way.

  • E-book How Do I Keep the Lights On Even When I’m Not There? A Therapist’s Guide to Creating Passive Income
  • E-book Social Media; What is it? Do I really need it?
  • E-book Marketing Your Practice Without Breaking the Bank
  • E-book Creating the Perfect Website
  • E-book Branding Yourself
  • E-book Breaking into Television to Market Your Practice
  • E-book The Book of Specialties; What else can I be when I grow up?


Therapist’s Interactive: Click here to set up a one on one appt with Dr. Colleen to ask specific questions, discuss specific hurdles you are experiencing to growing your practice.